Laser Therapy for Periodontal Disease in Big Country Area

Dr. Teri Brooks Lovelace takes pride in ensuring that she stays up to date with the latest dental procedures and treatments. To that end, she has recently invested in laser therapy for periodontal disease. She is proud to use the LANAP® protocol, a laser-based approach that uses an Nd:YAG free running pulsed laser.

This laser treatment is highly specific, removing only diseased tissue while leaving healthy tissue in place. The laser can close the periodontal pocket wound and set up circumstances for your body to heal naturally. The results are astounding. Not only do patients experience healing, but they also do so with less pain and bleeding, less swelling, and less down time. You’ll be flashing your new smile and enjoying a healthy mouth again in less time than you thought possible.

Steps of Treatment

Treatment occurs through a simple seven-step procedure:

1) Dr. Lovelace will use a perio probe to discover excessive pocket depth around the tooth or teeth. 

2) Using the laser, she will remove any bacteria and diseased tissue. 

3) Dr. Lovelace will then use an ultrasonic scaler and hand tools to remove any tartar on the root surface. 

4) We use the laser to finish cleaning the pocket; then the laser will seal the pocket, completely closing it off to new germs and bacteria. 

5) Your gums will be given time to heal and clean the root surface. 

6) We will make adjustments for any bite trauma if necessary. 

7) Your mouth and gums will fully and naturally heal. 

Learn more about the benefits of laser therapy and how this innovative approach can stop your suffering from periodontal disease. We would be happy to educate you more about this new treatment and help determine if you are a candidate for it. 

Call our office today for more information and to set an appointment.

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